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Nutritional Services at MiHealth and Fitness, LLC

The nutritional counseling program focuses on education and lifestyle modulation aimed at improving the overall quality of clients life while at the same time making healthy decision making seamless and natural. 


With our unique model based on continual knowledge acquisition and micro-behavioral change, clients see increased rates of adherence and success in their programs with minimal lifestyle interruption or perceived effort.  We focus on the simple key changes that make the largest improvements, coupled with our habit stacking techniques, leads to greater client success.  


If you are looking to improve your health and quality of life, The MiHealth Model is the voice for you.  Armed with your new knowledge and winning track record, you will be better prepared to make healthier decisions and have the confidence to do so.  Are you ready to step into your new life?


Step 1: Complete the online questionnaire forms here or view the link at the bottom of the page


Step 2: Our Nutrition Coach will reach out after reviewing your forms to set up a consultation and complete the sign up process


Step 3: From there, the initial Nutrition Package will have the following:

-1 Hour Initial Meeting: Review all forms and set up a baseline to build off of

-Three 30 Minute Follow ups


Step 4: Following the completion of the initial Nutrition Package, you will have the option to choose how frequently to follow up.  

Each follow up session is approximately 30 minutes to review weekly progress.  The follow up can range from $40 (2 week Follow Up) to $80 (4 Week Follow up)

How to get started:

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